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Mushroom Ring VII

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Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals. They exist in and reign over the kingdom of their own, yet spread their unseen threadlike filaments through all creation and play a crucial role in the cycles of the living world. Mushrooms' peculiar nature, appearance, and diversity make them truly fascinating.

With their framework buried deep in the ground, mushrooms are just fruits of a much bigger living creature. Mushrooms are the evidence of the unseen, the manifestation of the forces of nature. This mushroom ring is a symbol of the mysterious beauty and abundance of the forest which you can always have with you.

The ring is cast in solid sterling silver from the original handmade wax design. Treated with a rich black patina to bring out the depth and highlight the details. One of a kind. Non-replicable. 

Dutch size: 16.5
French size: 12
UK size: L 1/2
US size: 6

Inner circumference: 52 mm
Inner diameter: 16.5 mm

Weight: 12.69 grams

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The ring ships in a gift box.

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