Custom jewellery order

Handcrafted custom jewellery

All Natt Jewellery pieces are handcrafted and most of them are one of a kind non-replicable treasures in essence. However, if you wish to commission a special jewellery item adjusted to your needs and liking, or if you are hatching the idea of your dream jewellery piece and looking for an artist to share your vision and make it real, or even if you see something you like in our webshop but it doesn't come in your size or material, please request a custom order. 


How to request a custom order

To request a custom order, please fill in the form below or send us an email. Please describe your idea as detailed as possible. You can also include your own sketch to illustrate your idea if you like. You retain ownership of your sketches and they will not be used in any way other than for working on your custom jewellery piece. Don’t forget to mention the desired material, size, and your budget. After the assessment of your request, we will get back to you to discuss design ideas, available options, and/or to ask for more specific information.

Wax model for a custom mushroom ring

Price estimate

Since every project is different, it’s hard to estimate the price of a custom jewellery piece right off without knowing what design and material you have in mind. Browsing through Natt Jewellery webshop will help you understand the approximate price range but the price for each custom jewellery piece is estimated individually after you request a custom order and provide all necessary details about the desired item. Please bear in mind that custom designing and crafting every unique piece by hand means we can’t offer jewellery at the prices of mass market fashion giants. 



The time we need to create a unique jewellery piece for you depends on complexity of the piece, existing workload and other orders in line. It usually takes 15-20 business days after the design is approved to complete a custom order but the due date for every jewellery piece will be discussed individually. Please understand that custom orders require extra time, effort, and attention. Consider ordering ahead to allow sufficient time for your jewellery piece to be discussed, designed, approved, crafted, hallmarked, and shipped. Requesting your custom order early will give you the best possibility to receive the jewellery piece in time for the desired date.

Cast sterling silver custom mushroom ring


After we decide on the idea, we start working on a sketch. We will create up to three preparatory sketches and send it via email for your approval. The sketches remain the property of Natt Jewellery. When the sketch is approved and the price is agreed upon, we sign a Custom jewellery commission agreement.


Payment schedule

A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed price is required before we begin work on the commission and is due upon signing of the Custom jewellery commission agreement. The deposit covers the cost of the material, and the time and labor of the jeweller. The deposit goes toward the final cost of crafting your jewellery piece. The balance of payment is due upon completion and before shipping of the custom jewellery item. 



Once the agreement is signed and the deposit is paid, we start working on your custom jewellery piece based on your description and approved sketch. We will keep you updated and involved in the process by sending photos of the work in progress. When your order is complete, we will send you a photo of a finished jewellery piece for your final approval and ship it to you in a gift box.

Custom mushroom ring work in progress

Right of refusal

If you do not wish to purchase the finished commissioned jewellery item, you may refuse. In that case, Natt Jewellery will retain the refused jewellery item and the non-refundable deposit of 50% of the agreed price. 



Because of the nature of these items, custom made and personalised jewellery items cannot be returned or exchanged unless they arrived damaged.


If you have any questions about custom or personalised items, feel free to contact us at or fill in the form below and we will be happy to help and get you closer to your dream jewel.