Brand Story

In The Velvet Of The Night

Like most mysterious tales begin, mine started in the tranquillity of the dark. At the beginning of my journey I worked in a borrowed space from the evenings into the night, I found comfort in the dark and allowed the enveloping silence and peace to inspire a mythical element to my crafts. In the calm of the night, I always felt accompanied by a sense of magic. Perhaps there was enchantment in the air as most people put down their guards and stress while they slept to enjoy momentary creative freedom in their dreams.

My time spent in dark hours bringing my creations to life is what gave birth to the brand I am known as today, Natt Jewellery, “Natt” meaning “night” in Norwegian. I have my own atelier where I can create magic now, but the night will always be my idyll where I indulge in moments of constructing contemporary jewellery inspired by mythical tales, the beauty of elements, and the intricate details of the craft. In the quietude of the dark, I find deep expressiveness exists with minimal disruptions.

Jeweler at the bench soldering a ring

From Art Historian to Futuristic Artist

With an education in art history, I have always had an inclination towards intimate artwork that is an alloy of time-honoured techniques and ages of craft, joined to produce future artefacts. Having a very hands-on education in the basics of art restoration, working with metals, along with the techniques and technologies of artistic materials, I have an extensive understanding of the ‘kitchen’ behind arts.

Jewellery shares a lot of similarities with art and like history’s most admirable artefacts, I have always been a seeker of rare jewellery like no other. For as long as I remember, I couldn’t find someone to craft the pieces I was looking for and so I made the decision to leap into the dark (quite literally) and bring my imagination to life myself. I committed to jewellery artistry in 2017 and I have never looked back.

Jeweler working on a ring

Once Upon A Time, A Witch Met A Star Sailor

Every design from Natt Jewellery is handcrafted with a mystical story embedded in it. Each piece is not only inspired by a deep cauldron of creativity but nurtured with complete devotion and unconditional love. The tale for my designs is reflective of the amalgamation of magical experiences I have encountered in my past, present, and what is still to emerge in my future.

The sagas and legends of Old North and Scandinavian culture have been a significant source of inspiration. So, has the surreal love I have for sailing and the hours I have spent gazing at the ripples on the surface of the sea. Sometimes it’s the ocean I am spellbound by, sometimes it’s space and the stars. Other times, I am enthralled in the overwhelmingly beautiful and ethereal nature mythology, which is how my logo came to be a mythical creature in the shape of an “N” sleeping under a full moon. If you’re interested in knowing the story ingrained in a certain piece, just ask.

Jeweler soldering an earring

Meet The Maker 

My name is Irene and I’m enchanted by the ancient rhythms of cultures throughout history along with the poetic art that intertwines the threads of our ordinary existence. Each and every jewellery design that is brought to you from my loving hands is sentimental and precious to me. I believe jewellery is one of the most intimate and self-expressive arts that can be worn and I am deeply devoted to bringing you something that is as unique, complex and profound as you. I hope there is a tale behind one of my pieces that was destined to find its way into your own personal, magical story.

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