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Lunar Discs

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A cosmic must-have for a stylish moonchild!

The unique patterns on these earrings are created by using the meticulous technique of reticulation, wherein silver is repeatedly heated and cooled until it reveals marvellous other-worldly patterns, resembling the surface of the Moon. The pattern of reticulated silver can never be exactly planned and can never be truly copied.  

The earrings are made of solid sterling silver. The diameter of the earring equals 2 cm. The thickness of the disc is 0.1 cm but may vary in the place of the pattern.

Please note that every piece is created by hand with no mass production machinery involved, this is why the pattern on these earrings may vary and cannot be identical on different pieces, even within one pair of earrings, which makes them beautiful and unique.

The earrings ship in a gift box.

If you have any questions about these earrings, don't hesitate to contact us before placing your order.